Black Diamond Solutions CEO Michael Kupfer gives an overview of the free consultation. 

The Black Diamond free consultation* is not a sales call. 

Free IT Consulting Consultation,Chicago IT Consultant

It is a process for providing you with a deliverable that will give some direction to a current project or challenge that you are currently working on.

The process is follows:

  1. You give us a general agenda for a meeting with one of our senior IT consultants.
  2. We set up a conference with your team and the Black Diamond consultant to discuss and brainstorm around your pre set agenda.
  3. Our consultant then takes his/her notes back to his team and another brainstorming session around the meeting takes place internally
  4. Black Diamond will create a deliverable that will be unique you your consultation that will include some ideas as to next steps with your environment as well as a prioritization of your challenges.
  5. We will set up a meeting with your team to deliver and go over the created document and its contents.

Free Consultation FAQs

Q. Does the Black Diamond team come to our location?
A. The location of the consultation is determined on a case by case basis. Usually if our consultant is local this will be onsite, if they are not it can be done via conference call/webinar.

Q. What qualifications does the senior consultant have?
A. Our senior consultants are some of the most highly experienced and highly certified in the industry. As our inclusion in the CRN Top Tech 250 implies, we have a strong dedication to education and ongoing training for our people. All of our senior engineers have a minimum of 10 years in IT/Business consulting. Most have over 20. We can provide more clarification once it is determined what the meeting agenda will be.

Q. Who sets the agenda for the meeting?
A. You will receive a call from us prior to the meeting but the agenda will be set by you. We want to know your challenges and any input you have on those challenges.

Q. Will I receive a deliverable?
A. Yes, for you and your management team to use as a guide for your solution decisions.

Q. Will you sell our company information?
A. No. Your information will be kept confidential to Black Diamond Solutions.

Q. Are there any restrictions to the free consultation?
A. There are restrictions based on geographic location, as well as availability of our senior engineers.


Free Consultation Form

Thank you for your interest in the Black Diamond free consultation. Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. All information will be kept confidential.