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Black Diamond Solutions IT Consulting ChicagoA full service IT solutions provider, Black Diamond Solutions (BDS), a Chicago-based IT Consulting Company, finds solutions and manages your enterprise Information Technology issues.  BDS helps clients tackle IT challenges to lower costs and improve efficiency for continued growth, without allowing the constantly changing technology landscape dictate opportunities.

Our goal is our client’s complete satisfaction in all aspects of our IT consulting assistance.  To this end we have an expanded suite of IT consulting services that can help your company achieve your IT Management goals.  Take a moment to review how BDS can turn business IT support challenges into opportunities for growth.

Are you asking yourself these IT questions…

  • What will my current organization’s IT and Computer Services needs look like 18 to 36 months?
  • How will our IT solutions help us remain competitive in our industry while dealing with the challenges of higher regulation, new technologies and increased competition?
  • What current IT processes need to be considered for proper and competent implementation of newer and more efficient technologies?
  • What IT Solutions will play a role in answering those questions?

Our IT Consulting Services professionals have the IT Solutions to your most complex issues.  BDS has implemented hundreds of projects for clients ranging from SMB’s to Fortune 500’s.  Our consultants have the experience and in-the-trenches know how to help you avoid unnecessary implementation delays and budget overruns.  With 24/7 support, we’re with you every step of the way.

The Black Diamond’s IT Solutions lineup…


Black Diamond Solutions IT Consulting ServicesIT Consulting.   Growing?  Need More from your IT?  Looking for expertise your in-house team can’t supply quickly?  BDS can help shape your IT and Network vision for the present and the future.  From IT Operations and IT Security to providing on site and remote support for all your critical IT applications, BDS can provide you the full range of IT solutions you need to move your enterprise forward.

Click the link here, IT Consulting, for more information.


Black Diamond Solutions Application Security ConsultingApplication Security Consulting.  Applications are what makes a business’ IT run.  Without them, servers, websites and data can’t do their jobs.  Let BDS show you how to protect your application security.  Get a free Application Security Scan and know where your vulnerable.  BDS can design an enhanced application security strategy that lowers your exposure to business stifling risk.

Click the link here, Application Security Consulting, for more information.


Black Diamond Solutions Data Storage SolutionsData Storage Solutions.  Need more space?  More redundancy?  Data Storage solutions are growing exponentially.  BDS can introduce you to the new world of cost efficient choices available for your data storage and network support needs.  From physical, to cloud to hybrid, BDS can provide solutions that meet your requirements, and your budget.

Click the link here, Data Storage Solutions, for more information.


Black Diamond Solutions Data Security SolutionsData Security Solutions.  Worried about the security of your data?  Unauthorized access?  Data Breach?  An employee mistake?  Data security practices must be factored into the design and implementation of any business or corporate IT architecture.  BDS can present your IT department with a myriad of data security solutions that will reduce your organizations exposure to risk.

Click the link here, Data Security Solutions, for more information.


Black Diamond Solutions Next Generation Firewall SolutionsNext Generation Firewalls. Need to get more packets through?  Next Gen Firewall’s give you and edge on speed, and with BDS’s extensive deployment experience, you won’t sacrifice security for speed.  We know how Next Gen Firewalls can increase productivity for mixed and static length HTTP and SSL content, with SSL decryption as well as TCP scalability.  You’ll be able to identify, control, and safely enable applications while at the same time inspecting all content for all threats all the time.  BDS can deploy a next generation firewall for your organization that that goes beyond malware detection to malware prevention.

Click the link here, Next Generation Firewalls, for more information.


Black Diamond Wireless Network SolutionsWireless Networks. With all the wireless devices hooked up on a wireless network, speed and security can be compromised.  To compound this, legacy architecture, shoddy upgrades and poor engineering integration can be the downfall of many Wireless Networks.  BDS can assist you in best practices for all your wireless network projects.  Our wireless engineers can assist with CDMA, TDMA, Wireless LAN’s and GPRS upgrades, and much more.

Click the link here, Wireless Networks, for more information.


Black Diamond Consulting Cloud Computing SolutionsCloud Computing Solutions.  Cloud computing seems to be a household term these days.  But what does it really mean for your business or organization.  BDS engineers cloud computing solutions that can significantly reduce capital outlays and increase network efficiency, while reducing the need to add additional IT staff.  With these benefits also come concerns over data security and data privacy.  BDS understands cloud technology and how your organization can work with cloud computing solutions.  The first step is to assess how your business handles data and engineer a cloud computing solution that fits your exact needs.

Click the link here, Cloud Computing Solutions, for more information.


Black Diamond Solutions Backup and Disaster Recovery SolutionsBackup and Disaster Recovery.  A hurricane or tornado, a powerful electrical storm, a malicious hacker attack or simple human error, can bring your business to its knees.  With proper Backup and Disaster Recovery plans and practices in place, there’s no need to keep yourself (and your staff) up at night.  Backup is the backbone of a great DR plan.  BDS has deployed hundreds of DR strategies for business and organizational clients, making their business “bulletproof”.  Let us review your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan with you to see where your vulnerabilities might lie. BDS’s engineers and technicians can design a strategy and implementation that will keep you up and running no matter what Mother Nature (or a careless employee) can throw at it.

Click the link here, Backup and Disaster Recovery, for more information.


Virtualization solutions from Chicago IT consulting firm Black Diamond SolutionsVirtualization Solutions.  Have a wide variety of applications running?  On many machines?  Server Virtualization consolidates applications and reduces server workloads.  BDS Virtualization Solutions helps clients reduce hardware costs, faster server provisioning/deployment, improve disaster recovery risk mitigation, save energy and increase IT staff productivity.  Let us show you how virtualization of your server environment can make you job easier.

Click the link here, Virtualization Solutions, for more information.  Read our Blog Post on Server Virtualization.


PCI Compliance and IT Infrastructure Services from Black Diamond SolutionsPCI Compliance Infrastructure Solutions.  Does your business handle sensitive transactional data?  Are your Hosting and Data Center needs secure and compliant with PCI DSS 2.0 requirements?  BDS can provide the guidance necessary to configure, deploy and operate compliant virtual architectures.  Through our partner, VMware, we can engineer a cloud infrastructure for running highly regulated business critical applications that meet regulation and corporate governance standards for PCI compliance. BDS assess the unique compliance requirements of your organization and which operational best practices will meet PCI DSS 2.0 regulatory requirements.  Let BDS keep your compliance in check, it’s one less hassle you’ll have to deal with.

Click the link here, PCI Compliance Infrastructure Solutions, for more information.


Vendor Evaluation from Black Diamond Solutions IT Consulting ChicagoVendor Evaluation.  You’ll spend 30% to nearly 50% of your project budget on the vendors you select.  Wouldn’t it be nice (and best practices) to be able to make that decision with a 3rd party vendor scoring audit?  There are a multitude of vendors, all claiming they have the right solution.  Let BDS take the hassle out of due diligence and vendor scoring for you.  We understand IT, and we know how to manage projects using multiple vendors all needing to be orchestrated to the final outcome.  Our vendor scoring looks at all critical areas including compliance, service level, cost, and what we like to call, the Easy Factor.  That’s how Easy it is to work with a vendor.  All these criteria add up to project savings for your enterprise and a much needed break from project headaches.

Click the link here, Vendor Evaluation, for more information.


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