Web Application Security Consulting for Business

Black Diamond Solutions Application Security ConsultingChicago based Black Diamond Solutions Web Application Security Consulting is a mix of security audits, IT application testing and implementing application security best practices to reduce risk and improve performance across your entire network.

Whether you develop in house apps or your business leverages many different network aware applications it is important to verify that these applications do not create a “back door” into your secure network.

Your Application Security Vulnerabilities

IT network security can be breached without attention being paid to your web application security measures.  Your business may be running hundreds of web applications, some of which may leave your network vulnerable to cyber security risks.  Our comprehensive audit reviews your web application security architecture from the top down to reveal vulnerabilities that could place your network security in jeopardy.

Web application security testing, such as the type provided by our partner Veracode, can uncover IT security risks such as:

  • Insecure encryption issues
  • Cookie poisoning or jacking
  • SQL Injection
  • Form field manipulations
  • Misconfigured servers
  • Cross site scripting errors
  • PII Leaks
  • CGI-BIN exploitation
  • Weak or insufficient password strength
  • Poorly administrated session management
  • Debugging options and hidden back doors
  • Overflowing buffers
  • And more…

Our Chicago based web application security consultants are kept up to date on the latest well know platform vulnerabilities through constant training and briefings.  They are constantly being trained on web application security standards that your business needs to stay ahead of the cyber security curve and help prevent data leaks.

Free Application Security Test

Through our partner Veracode, BDS can provide you with a free application security test to manage the risks associated with running multiple web applications.

Because manually testing each of those applications can be both time consuming and prohibitively expensive, Veracode automates this testing process and makes application security an affordable process for all your network aware applications.  Get a Free Application Security Scan below.


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The Results

Application Security Consulting Black Diamond Solutions ChicagoOnce you have completed your application security assessment, your BDS team dives in with an unparalleled knowledge of how to keep your apps secure and remove and bugs and or back doors the testing uncovers.

Reducing web application vulnerabilities decreases your network’s exposure to risk and allows you to achieve peak IT security levels.  Our expert staff works with your IT department to clearly explain where your vulnerabilities lie, and what will be necessary to correct them.

Once BDS has been able to correct your app security, they will then devise an applications monitoring plan that will regularly review your web application security.  Applications monitoring is an essential part of an IT Risk Plan, and should not be overlooked in the construction on your IT Network security plan.

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