Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Black Diamond Solutions, a Chicago-based IT Consulting Services Company, provides Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for clients that want to reduce their exposure to catastrophic risk.

Black Diamond Solutions Backup and Disaster Recovery SolutionsThere are a multitude of Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions available today.  Some provide minimal protection, while others can create a Fort Know at the expense of efficiency and speed.  So where is the right balance?  It lies in the intersection of what your present and future needs dictate and how much budget you have allocated.  Surprisingly, with a partner like BDS, we can help you get additional capacity and reliability without having to spend more.

Catastrophic Data Loss.

Losing significant chunks of data can have severe consequences on the health of a business.  Here are the statistics:

  • According to a University of Texas study, 94% of companies that experience a catastrophic data loss close their doors within 2 years.
  • According to the National Archives & Records Administration (Washington DC) 93% of companies who lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster had filed for bankruptcy protection within a year of the disaster.
  • According to Boston Computing Network, Data Loss Statistics, 77% of companies who test their tape back ups experience back-up failures.

This is just the beginning of the statistics.  What it shows is that without a sound, tested and monitored data backup and recovery plan, a business is putting itself in jeopardy of losing it all.  Business continuity is a must have for all businesses, and with BDS as a partner, your backup and disaster recovery worries will be a thing of the past.

Black Diamond Solutions are experts at Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Black Diamond Solutions technicians are experts at data backup and disaster recoverySince 2004, BDS has supplied its clients with IT disaster recovery planning and expertise.  With numerous projects completed and monitored, BDS has the personnel, training and experience to ensure that your data backup plan is implemented and tested correctly.

We know that not all IT professionals can be experts at all things.  Particularly when your day to day schedule is constantly being subdivided by having to put out fires.  Using an IT consulting company such as BDS to fill in your knowledge and expertise gap makes good financial and business sense.

We think of all the “what if’s” and “what could go wrongs”.  We also provide solutions that offer you a full suite of IT disaster recovery tools, customizable to your specific needs.  From a terabyte to an exabyte, BDS knows how to keep your data backed up ad ready to go should a disaster occur.

The solution for data backup and disaster recovery

BDS employs all of the following ways to strengthen your disaster backup recovery planning and implementation.

  • Virtual Machines – reduces high bandwidth and the time needed to recover.
  • Hardware Redundancy – reduce downtime
  • Load Balancing – keeps performance at peak levels
  • Failover Resource Utilization – create testing environments with underutilized resources
  • Off Site Virtual Environments – instant accessibility in the wake of a disaster

These enhancements, combined with a sound data backup plan, can help your disaster recovery backup management be a source of confidence and not a gamble.

If you are seeking an outsourced IT consulting Solution Company to assist you in your next backup and disaster recovery project, call Black Diamond Solutions at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here through the website.   We’ll provide you with disaster recovery consultants that will make it easier to sleep at night knowing your backup disaster recovery is covered competently and securely.