Cloud Computing Services and Virtualization Solutions

Black Diamond Services, a Chicago-based IT Consulting Services Company provides Cloud Computing Services for small and mid-sized business clients looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout their entire IT infrastructure.

Is Cloud Computing the right choice for your business?

Black Diamond Solutions Cloud Computing Services ConsultingYou can’t pick up a business journal or even a newspaper today without some company touting the benefits of cloud computing services.  It would seem that almost every company is heading to the cloud to house their data, their applications and running their businesses’ IT department remotely.

But is cloud computing really your best choice for your particular business?  How do you know?  At Black Diamond solutions, we delve deep into your business and the processes and applications that make it work.  We look for the synergies that the advantages of cloud computing can benefit your business.

Here are a few benefits that BDS’ cloud computing services can help your business with:

  • Decreased Hardware Costs.  No longer do you need to purchase or upgrade physical equipment on site.  Because cloud services host your website and databases virtually, you pay only for what you need at a reduced rate and not for the entire hardware infrastructure you would normally have to house on site.
  • Lower Operational Costs. When you utilize standardized services, which is a business cloud computing benefit, you can significantly reduce issues and defects. This increases your business continuity and reduces IT staff time spent on resolving issues.  Using design platforms that are baked into the cloud computing solutions, your IT department can deploy pre-built server images, application services or entire application landscapes.
  • Business Agility.  By employing cloud and virtualization services from cloud service providers you are making your enterprise more nimble.  IT projects are delivered quicker because there is less setup and hardware concerns.  This makes time-to-market faster which increases revenue, security and reliability.
  • Expanded or New Business Models.  Want to test new product launches faster?  With cloud computing, you can develop new business models in a secure and safe environment at a fraction of the cost that it once required.  You’ll also spend less on IT personnel as many of the details that you needed to cover with on site servers and hardware are already covered with virtualization services.
  • Better Use of IT Resources.  Once you move to the cloud, you will also find that your need for additional IT personnel may be unnecessary.  You will also find that security for cloud computing is actually simplified as the cloud computing company you choose will already have thought out all of the issues as they need to deploy solutions across all their cloud computing clients.  A benefit is that IT personnel will have time freed up to devote to other projects that may not have been viable without cloud infrastructure in place.

BDS Cloud Computing Solutions Fit Your Business.

At Black Diamond we assist our clients in developing a cloud computing and virtualization plan that fits their present and future needs.  Our goal is to make your business more efficient and cost effective.

Our approach includes the following:

  • Listening.  We interview all stakeholders to ensure that we have 360 degree view of the needs and concerns of your business when considering a cloud virtualization migration.
  • Planning & Vision.  Once we have identified the scope of your cloud computing project, we deliver a solid plan that will serve as a guide for the development.  We take into account future need and vision as well to create a cloud computing solution that will make good sense today and years from now.
  • Flawless Implementation.  The most issue laden piece of a cloud computing solution is the implementation.  At BDS, we are continually training and certifying our engineers and technicians.  Combine this knowledge base with hundreds of cloud computing and virtualization projects under our belts and you have a solutions provider that knows where the traps lie and how to avoid them.
  • Ongoing Management and Support.  We aren’t going anywhere, so your cloud computing project isn’t simply walked away from.  We provide training for your IT staff as well as monitor your cloud solution for any issues that may occur post-implementation.

Contact BDS Today for a cloud computing solutions review.

Black Diamond Solutions Cloud Computing Services Let us know what you want and we can review what you will need in terms of budget allocation, internal resources and third party software and/or applications to get your cloud computing solution underway.  With all the advantages of using cloud based technology, there really isn’t a reason that any business cannot take advantage of this new IT environment.  BDS can help you get there.

If you are seeking an outsourced IT consulting Solution Company to assist you in your next IT Virtualization and Cloud Computing Services project, call Black Diamond Solutions at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here through the website.