Data Security Solutions for Business

Black Diamond Consulting Data Security SolutionsBlack Diamond Solutions, a Chicago-based IT Consulting Services Company, provides data security solutions that assist its business clients in getting a handle on the massive task of keeping their data secure.

Data security is somewhat of a misnomer.  As data becomes the target of more and more cyber attacks the stakes get higher for the IT personnel responsible for protecting against them.  With less budget and even less time, we know that your data security solutions have to be efficient and well planned.  This is where BDS shines.

Black Diamond Solutions: Your Data Security Solutions Company

BDS has a mountain of clients they have helped secure data assets for.  From small to mid-sized IT security service, to enterprise level data center solutions, BDS has the IT management experience to handle it all.  Our commitment to continual training and upgrading our technicians and engineers skills/knowledge is the cornerstone of why our clients can build farther, faster and for less.

At BDS, we approach all of our IT consulting projects in the same manner.  This includes:


In order to fully understand the system-wide footprint that upgrading data security standards and protocalls will have upon all facets of the enterprise.   You know your data security solutions requirements better than anyone, so we want to have a transfer of knowledge so we can act as an extension of your team.

Planning and Vision.

Once we have the lay of the land, we can then begin applying our data security and privacy expertise to work.  We first map out your present data security management and security management software and where your requirements have synergies and gaps.  From there we map out a unified data protection management and technology plan given the budget for the project.


With any IT security best practices project, BDS also considers the existing processes that are in place as well as what processes need to either be added or streamlined for maximum efficiency without sacrificing data security protection.  At the heart of reliability and secure data solutions are processes that when adhered to reduce the likelihood of failures due to human errors or outside intruders.


From PCI compliance consulting and infrastructure projects to wireless and internet data security audits to complete bottom up data center security details, BDS can make your implementations a breeze.  Our staff is not only smart and highly experienced, but they are also are good with people.  They know how to interact as a team player and how to ensure they get the best cooperation from all involved.  Leadership isn’t always a skill you can certify, but it is one part of the BDS experience we are sure you will find refreshing.   We handle all the data security technology and hardware you’ll need, software, apps, virtual server services and everything in between to make your next implementation hassle and headache free.

Follow Up.

Ongoing network data security management is also one of our capabilities.  This allows us to act as a 3rd party data security analyst and a watchdog against possible network security issues. BDS is there every step of the way.  We can also provide IT briefings for your staff so they can manage these issues themselves as well.


If you are seeking an outsourced IT consulting Solution Company to assist you in your next data security systems project, call Black Diamond Solutions at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here through the website.