Data Storage Solutions for Business

Black Diamond Solutions, a Chicago-based IT consulting Services Company, provides data storage solutions for its clients.

Black Diamond IT Consulting Data Storage SolutionsData storage is something of a moving target these days.  More and more business data is being generated daily, and for most IT departments, securely storing data has become a massive priority.  In just a few years time, network storage system capacities have become overloaded and clogged with massive amounts of business data storage demands.  And with the emergence of cloud computing, the choices available to manage your data storage requirements have spiraled.

BDS can provide you a trusted outsourced business data storage management solution that meets present and future needs, and does this all within your budgetary constraints.

It’s your data.  You need data storage solutions that fit your IT environment. 

BDS specializes in custom designing data storage solutions based on your unique needs.  Whether you are a small business looking to grow your IT infrastructure or an enterprise seeking better data storage security and data backup services, BDS can help.

BDS can deliver a full range of data storage management solutions, including:

Our expert teams of business data storage solutions consultants can assess your present and future needs and custom design infrastructure, applications and security solutions that meet your requirements and budget.

Don’t sacrifice data security for capacity.

Business data storage management solutions often focus on speed and accessibility for the enterprise user.  But without having specialized knowledge of data security issues, IT storage solutions can leave gaps in security that can make data breaches possible.

From our vast experience in business data storage solutions projects, BDS’s team can keep your data secure and accessible, without sacrificing speed and budgets.  Our technicians are continually trained and certified to handle even the most complex business data demands and data security best practices.  We know it’s “the data” that most businesses rely on to make critical decisions and to keep vital business processes running.  That’s why we are continually upgrading our expert knowledge so our clients have one less issue to deal with.

BDS can help.

As your outsourced data storage solutions company, we will make your data concerns our own.  Working with you every step of the way to integrate the best secure online and offline storage solutions, including cloud storage solutions, BDS can simplify the complex web of inter-connectivity that today’s data usage demands.

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