Next Generation Firewall Protection Solutions for Business

Black Diamond IT Consulting Next Generation Firewall SolutionsChicago-based Black Diamond Solutions has several options for installing next generation firewall solutions for your business.  With the increasing complexity of access issues, network systems security threats and volume of traffic, next generation firewalls offer cost effective answers to your business network firewalls and network security issues.  BDS is one of only a handful of IT consulting and network security companies that have the experience, talented professionals and company-wide commitment to training that will keep your systems optimized and protected for the future.

What is a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)?

Firewalls have evolved from limited dimension Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions.  Next generation firewalls now provide a greater degree of control, application filtering, network security policy enforcement and reduced exposure to the risks posed by network security attacks.  The best firewall options of the past had only small list of capabilities as compared to today’s advancements in security, speed and cost.

According to Gartner Inc, next generation firewalls are defined as:

  • Non-disruptive in-line bump-in-the-wire configuration
  • Standard first-generation firewall capabilities, e.g., network-address translation (NAT), stateful protocol inspection (SPI) and virtual private networking (VPN), etc.
  • Integrated signature based IPS engine
  • Application awareness, full stack visibility and granular control
  • Capability to incorporate information from outside the firewall, e.g., directory-based policy, blacklists, white lists, etc.
  • Upgrade path to include future information feeds and security threats
  • SSL decryption to enable identifying undesirable encrypted application

Because next generation firewalls have deeply encrypted packet filtering utility, peer-to-peer blocking, detection for proxy avoidance and the ability to look at active content they go much further than a standard firewall’s application and user identification capabilities.

Why You Need a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Solution

Next generation Firewalls solutions from Black Diamond SolutionsAs applications and malware have become more sophisticated, next gen firewall solutions have evolved to meet the increased demand to head off these threats to network security.  NGFW’s provide a platform for network traffic examination as well as enforcement for latest network security policies. Traditional firewalls handle port blocking, and SPI only checks the packets to see if they have the right shape, so to speak. Next Generation Firewalls look into the packets themselves to examine and filter content, making them much more versatile and granular.

If your organization’s business firewalls are still inching along on older platforms and protocols, a next generation firewall can significantly increase your network security, while also reducing latency.  NGFW’s provide a more granular and context-aware understanding of the application traffic.

Here’s why many of our clients see the need for upgrading their present firewall management solution:

  • Need a firewall that goes deeper than port and protocol identification
  • Need to enforce network security policies based on application traffic
  • Need a firewall to incorporate user identity access and more streamlined management
  • Need to enforce varying firewall policy enhancements for specific features or content within an application.

Clients who upgrade to a next generation firewall solution enjoy decreased risk of cyber attacks, reduced latency and greater control of granular security policy guidelines at the application level.

Why BDS for your Next Generation Firewall Solution

At Black Diamond Solutions, we focus on providing expert advice and execution, which starts with getting to know our customers.  Before we begin any IT consulting engagement, we sit down with you and understand your technical and business goals and provide a vision of where your IT needs to be for continued growth.  We then formulate a process for getting you there with custom implemented solutions that are specific to your varying and unique requirements.  Our engineers can assist you in implementing solutions such as a  Palo Alto firewall.

BDS can help you formulate a set of rules that you’d like your next generation firewall to be able to address.  Our next generation firewall experts can review your traffic analysis and look for where your blocking and/or checking rules can use shoring up.  So if you need to block an entire source of traffic, such as Skype, or whether you need more granular rules (like blocking video in IM sessions on Google+, but not video sessions in Skype), BDS’s trained next generation firewall technicians can help you determine your exact needs and match you with a solution from our approved partners such as Fortinet, Palo Alto, or CheckPoint.

We work with you to find the perfect solution that will meet your needs and reduce your overall next gen firewall cost.


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