PCI Compliance and IT Infrastructure Services

PCI Compliance and IT Infrastructure Services from Black Diamond IT Consulting ChicagoPCI Compliance consulting is a specialty of Black Diamond Solutions, a Chicago-based IT consulting services company, that provides clients with superior IT solutions for their business computing needs.

PCI (payment card industry) compliance is a hot topic today.  The growing concern over privacy of individual’s data, increased identity theft and data breach incidents, coupled with an increase in eCommerce and mobile commerce has spurred the demand for enterprises of all sizes to being their data security practices into PCI compliance.

Why PCI compliance is YOUR business

PCI IT compliance requirements are comprised of a 12 step checklist including:

  • Firewall installed and maintained
  • Unique system passwords and security parameters
  • Stored data protection strategies
  • Encrypting transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks
  • Use and regularly update anti-virus software
  • Develop and maintain secure systems and applications
  • Access restrictions for all PII (Personal Identifiable Information) on cardholders
  • Assign unique ID’s to each person/vendor with access to data
  • Restrict physical access to cardholder data
  • Tracking and monitoring of all accesses to cardholder data and network resources
  • Regularly testing data security systems and processes
  • Maintain a workable and scalable information security policy

If your business stores data from online credit card transactions, then you MUST be compliant with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) which can be found here.

Ignoring the 12 steps can seriously place undue risk on an organization in the form of bad PR as well as class action lawsuits.  Data breach is a serious matter and is happening with increasing frequency.  The fallout from a large (or even small scale) data breach incident can last for years, cost a company goodwill and can in some cases cause the entire enterprise to fail.

Bringing your data security into PCI compliance and maintaining PCI standards should be a main priority for any IT department.

How BDS can assist you in bringing you into PCI compliance.

PCI Compliance for eCommerce BusinessBlack Diamond Solutions has hundreds of PCI compliance projects under its belt and can help your organization to update its infrastructure, security metrics and application security to meet PCI DSS for your eCommerce application.

Our approach involves determining what data needs to be included in your Qualified Security Assessment, and what the best processes and solutions will perform best in the IT environment you have in place.

BDS’s trained technicians meet with you to get a complete picture of what your PCI requirements look like and what your present infrastructure is capable of.  Once we know these factors, our team sets out to design a PCI compliance strategy that takes into account:

  • Secure hosting requirements
  • HIPAA compliance for IT infrastructure (if your business requires HIPAA compliance)
  • Security applications and security metrics to meet PCI complaint standards
  • Vendor selection analysis to ensure a fit with existing infrastructure and future IT planning
  • Monitoring of PCI compliance processes to ensure adherence.

Ultimately, PCI compliance is the responsibility of the organization and not the hosting, software or application vendors you select.  Finding the right solution to bring your enterprise data security needs into PCI compliance is what BDS excels at.

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