Vendor Evaluation Services

Black Diamond Solutions, a Chicago-based IT Consulting Services Company, provides Vendor Evaluations and Scoring for small and mid-sized business clients that want to ensure that they adhere to best practices by completing an IT vendor assessment for all projects requiring 3rd party contractors.

A Vendor Evaluation Saves You Money and Headaches

Vendor Evaluation from Black Diamond Solutions IT Consulting ChicagoLet’s face it, IT vendor selection is tedious and downright boring.  No one wants to sift through pages upon pages of documentation and presentations to find the right fit for their next IT project.  But it is a necessary evil that most companies neglect.

IT vendor scoring is a necessary part of the procurement process.  In today’s IT environment, there are always several suppliers’ that have similar solutions that could possibly be a fit for your IT project requirements.  Creating a vendor scorecard that helps define your end goals is the first step in the process.  Choosing the wrong IT vendor can be a costly affair, as projects can have massive cost overruns and vendor shortfalls that can cost even more in delays and tying up valuable IT personnel.

BDS Experts Make Vendor Evaluations Simpler for Your Entire Organization

Because BDS engineers and technicians are constantly upgrading their skills and being trained in the latest IT solutions, we are uniquely qualified to assist your company with their supplier evaluation and vendor analysis.

We start by listening to your project goals and understanding what your underlying needs are.  We then do the thankless job of creating vendor evaluation criteria based on your unique needs.  Once the IT vendor assessment checklist is approved, we then move into the interviewing and performance appraisal phases.  This ensures that you have a pool of candidate 3rd party vendors assembled and all are vetted according to your needs and specifications.

Our expert staff is uniquely trained to be able to understand your vision and processes, and works with you to find the right fit when it comes to contractors and vendors needed to complete critical IT projects.

We understand how to evaluate vendors to achieve lower costs, business agility and most of all IT project success.  When we conduct a vendor audit, you can rest assured that your vendor selection process has taken into account the most important factors to find you the “perfect fit”.

Our technology vendor evaluation process takes the following into consideration:

  • Does the partner have a compelling technology story and does it fill a legitimate need in today’s marketplace?
  • Does the partner differentiate itself in any ways from our current partners in similar spaces? In other words, are the technological advantages of their product that would place them as a better alternative is specific environments?
  • Does the partner have a sustainable business model and are they growing?
  • Does the product/service test well with our top engineers? Does it do what they SAY it can do?
  • What is the path for training for our engineers and can they help us fast track that?
  • Is their support set up to help BOTH Black Diamond Engineers, as well as our clients directly in the case of emergency.

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