Virtualization Services

Virtualization solutions from Chicago IT consulting firm Black Diamond SolutionsBlack Diamond Solutions, a Chicago-based IT consulting services company, provides virtualization services to meet their business and IT planning goals.  Virtualization and cloud services have been the buzzword for a few years now, and BDS has been at the leading edge of providing the benefits of virtualization for its clients ranging from SMB’s to enterprise level implementations.

At BDS we take into account every consideration for a virtualization project.  We review all requirements for data and app security, hardware sizing, virtual server management and virtualization deployment methodologies to ensure a successful adoption of the platform.

What are Virtualization Services?

As more businesses look to their IT departments to do more with less, server virtualization and employing cloud based services allow them to do just that.  Virtualization services is a broad term that describes the entire scope of a server virtualization infrastructure migration and system wide rollout.

Virtualization became popular recently with the advent of cloud computing.  The reality of using web based virtual environments to reduce costs and increase efficiency and security is being realized today with astounding results.  A recent report conducted by hardware giant CDW-G reports that virtualization projects showed a return of 135% to 269% on their investment into a virtual server environment.

The definition of Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of either a server, an operating system, a storage device or network resources.  Virtualization was first employed by administrators of mainframe computers to reduce the workload on their processing power.  When talking about virtualization, there are three basic types:

  • Network virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  • Server virtualization

 What are the benefits of virtualization?

The main benefits of moving to a virtual environment for your data center management can be summed by three main points:

  • Cut Costs
  • Reduce Space
  • Increase Efficiency

Virtualization Cost Cutting

Cost savings from virtualization services are realized in the purchasing of hardware in two ways:

1.)   Virtualization services makes your current hardware more efficient

2.)   Virtualization allows you to utilize legacy equipment

A virtual server can run many applications at the same time.  In standard IT environments, this is usually not the case.  In many instances the server setup will have one application per server running.  By taking advantage of server virtualization hardware efficiencies you can lower your overall hardware outlays as well as see gains in the amount of money you spend maintaining physical servers.

With virtualization services you can also potentially use your existing or legacy equipment.  You will also notice marked improvement in that equipment’s performance.  Without degrading performance, virtualization services allow your existing servers and devices to run multiple resources using applications.  For example, with virtual servers in place, you will have the ability to run Windows applications on virtualized Mac servers.  This will enable the Mac to serve a dual role so you do not have switch computers for different applications.

Data center managers accustomed to purchasing multiple boxes and then having to set each one up will appreciate being able to reduce their need to purchase new machines as well as the efficiency that virtualization can afford when setting up those multiple machines.  With virtualization and cloud services, these issues, and the costs associated with them are greatly reduced.

Equipment Footprint Reduced by Virtualization

Another benefit of server virtualization and the cloud computing revolution is the reduction of physical space that is needed to house your equipment.  By its nature, server virtualization in the cloud allows for a much smaller footprint as virtual cloud servers are not located at your facility.  Thus, in addition to the cost savings that not having to buy new equipment and decreased dedicated virtual server set up time, you will also save money by reduced utility savings as well.  Virtual server consolidation requires no additional cooling or electricity at your current location.

Virtualization Services Increase Efficiency

The benefits of virtualization are most prominently felt in terms of efficiency.  Not just for the machines themselves, but in the time needed to complete the same tasks you are performing now in a non-virtualized environment.  IT managers, data center services managers and IT administrators can accomplish more duties, as virtualization services allows them to supervise and manage fewer servers through online virtual server consolidation.

From a virtual desktop view, BDS can employ solutions from their partner VMware that will allow a network administrator to roll out critical desktop applications and updates through the entire data center network with a few clicks of a mouse.  IT staff also have the option through virtualization services to work remotely.  IT personnel can remotely check and solve issues without having to physically be located at the datacenter.  This feature also saves cost.

Another benefit of virtualization is the ability to have high availability for your cloud servers.  High availability allows for a single server to be down and not adversely affect the entire data center system.  The redundancy that cloud virtualization services affords makes is much easier to have a machine go down and not completely cripple the system.  Gone are the days of “drop everything” and fix the issue.  With high availability of cloud based virtual servers running mission critical applications, your time to complete a needed fix or upgrade can be on your IT staff’s preference instead of a scramble to pull dedicated employees off other projects to assess and fix the issue.

Why Black Diamond Solutions Is the Leader in Virtualization Services

Your growing IT demands need creative, cost effective solutions.  Chicago IT Consulting experts at Black Diamond Solutions can provide you with virtualization services that fit your present and future needs balanced with your budget constraints.

BDS consultants have been through the trenches and know how virtual server and virtual application implementations can save companies money and increase IT staff productivity.  Through their network of trusted partners such as VMWare, Microsoft and SingleHop, BDS can show you how virtualization can serve your business needs.

Virtualization ServicesBDS is one of only a select few IT consulting companies that has achieved the VMware Enterprise Partner status.  This accomplishment only comes with deep knowledge of server virtualization and data virtualization project and installations.  Your datacenter management is made easier by including virtualization and cloud computing services to your arsenal.  VMware’s vSphere virtualization platform leads the industry in data center virtualization installations.  Their VM View software makes server monitoring and management a breeze for your IT staff.  BDS handles every size virtualization services projects from enterprise to entry level.  Whether we use VMware or Microsoft virtual server installations, BDS’s experience and creative approach to your virtual data center infrastructure ensures that you will always have the best virtualization services solution.

Take advantage of the benefits of virtualization by contacting BDS and getting a free evaluation of your cloud virtualization and virtual technology needs.  Call us at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here through the website.