Wireless Network Services

Black Diamond Solutions Wireless Network ServicesBlack Diamond Solutions, a Chicago-based IT consulting Services Company, provides wireless network services for clients who want to increase mobility while balancing WiFi security concerns that often accompany a business network installation project.  Having wireless connections for your business is becoming essential.  Not just WiFi access for your employees, but for customers who visit your locations as well.  They all want internet access options for their individual needs.

Your Wireless Network Installation Project and Black Diamond Solutions

Whether you are a small business with a single location, or an enterprise level customer with offices spread worldwide, BDS can provide you with best in class wireless network solutions from wireless network equipment to business WiFi applications that keep your system secure and operating at peak efficiency.

To set up a wireless network in any environment takes careful planning to cover all details that are specific to your business wifi needs.  Our team of experienced wireless network installation services professionals will guide you step by step through the process.  This includes:

  • On site wireless network install audit to uncover your facility’s unique WiFi profile
  • Mapping of wireless network equipment needs for your physical locations
  • Audit of your present IT infrastructure for compatibility and security concerns
  • Present a strategic plan that includes options for your business WiFi router, hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Assess and score hardware, software and wireless security services vendors whose solutions will be   considered for your wifi project
  • Manage network installation services providers both on-site and remotely
  • Monitor new wireless network installation progress with hands on professionals
  • Follow up with monthly reviews of wireless network services

Wireless Network Services that meet your demands and your budget

We know that wireless internet services can be confusing if you have never had wireless network install performed.  BDS are experts at helping your employees connect to a wireless network.  Our wireless network installation service guarantees maximum connectivity coupled with wireless security measures that keep your data safe from intrusions.

Wireless Network Consulting from Black Diamond Solutions ChicagoWe also know that you have a budget that you need to meet.  This is why our wireless network services professionals take the time to look at a palette of high speed business internet solutions and present only those that meet your unique needs.  So whether you are looking for a small business WiFi solution, a school campus or are a hospital with hundreds of access points that need to be connected and secured, BDS has the wifi networking professionals that can make your next wireless network project run smoothly and on budget.

BDS wants to be your wireless network services company, and can supply you with a complete range of network management options to choose from.  Wireless network services is just one of the many capabilities that BDS can provide.  Please take a moment to review our complete list of IT Solutions that can assist your IT department in doing more with less.

Take get a free wireless network services evaluation, call BDS today at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here through the website.