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Black Diamond Solutions IT Services SupportChicago-based Black Diamond Solutions is an IT services provider and IT Consulting Services Company.  BDS helps its clients with outsourced IT management for small and mid-sized businesses in Chicago and nationwide.

BDS can supply an entire range of critical outsourced IT support and consulting services for your company or organization.  Since 2004, BDS has supplied hundreds of clients, both here in Chicago and nationwide, with IT consulting services that allows their companies’ to run leaner and more efficiently without sacrificing security or speed.

Ask yourself these IT services questions for your organization

  • Is my IT staff prepared to take us to the next level?
  • Do we have the necessary knowledge base among our IT staff to continue to grow?
  • Are we able to keep up with the ever changing IT landscape without the help of an outsourced IT consultant who has greater experience and scope?
  • What IT goals do we have and can we achieve them with the in house talent we have?

If you cannot answer Yes to all of these questions, chances are you would benefit from bring on an IT services company that can assist you in not only defining your IT goals, but also train staff and be part of an outsourced IT services plan.  With so much riding on IT executions, why leave your businesses future to chance when knowledgeable and insightful help is only a click or two away.

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BDS provides a full range of IT Services to assist you in making your IT issues disappear.  We love challenges and have the expert technicians and engineers to make business IT services issues a thing of the past.


IT Migration Services from Black Diamond Solutions - a Chicago IT Consulting CompanyMigration Services.   Moving to the cloud?  Virtualization has many advantages, but none more so than creating a much more cost efficient environment for your business.  Migrating your data, email services and/or servers to a virtual environment carries with it inherent risks and pitfalls.  BDS has hundreds of migration projects under their belt and can help your IT team get a handle on how to make the move successful on all levels.  BDS’ outsourcing support services make it simple and cost effective to manage your next move.

Click the link here, Migration Services, for more information.


IT Infrastructure Assessment Services from Black Diamond IT Consulting ChicagoIT Infrastructure Assessment.  We have built out/ upgraded hundreds of infrastructures and fielded thousands of troubleshooting requests. We have experience with building systems that meet the standards of PCI, SOX, and HIPAA.  Leveraging this experience we can assess your current infrastructure and identify areas of your system that will require attention, creating a prioritized list of upgrades, replacement recommendations, or additions to your current infrastructure.  BDS has the IT infrastructure services experts that will make your entire organization leaner, meaner and more efficient.

Click the link here, IT Infrastructure Assessment, for more information.


Information Technology Planning Services from Black Diamond IT Consulting ChicagoInformation Technology Planning.    You’ve developed your IT vision, now you need to plan how you will implement it.  BDS can assist you in all phases of planning including budgeting, timetables, IT management services, training, staffing and more.  Let our years of IT experience help you plan your IT strategy and see how efficient and cost effective your organization can be with seasoned IT professionals at your side guiding your IT planning needs.

Click the link here, Information Technology Planning, for more information.


Black Diamond IT Briefings help keep IT staff up to date on new trends and technologiesIT Briefings.  Is your IT staff getting regular updates on the latest trends and technologies that affect your business?  Let BDS help you with our innovative “Whiteboard Lunches” where your staff can get the knowledge they need in a condensed time format.  The small group atmosphere makes training more personalized which leads to higher retention.  BDS has trained experts on staff who can get your IT staff up to speed fast and in a way that does not interrupt their already busy schedule.  Book a session today and see how having an informed IT staff leads to improved efficiency and cost reductions.

Click the link here, IT Briefings, for more information.


IT Strategy Planning from Chicago IT consulting company Black Diamond SolutionsIT Strategy Planning.   Let’s face it, IT can be expensive.  Without proper strategic planning, businesses often pay too much and get too little.  With BDS as your strategy planning partner, you’ll be getting the insights learned from hundreds of successful IT project implementations.  These insights can lead to lowered overall costs and improved efficiency, not to mention all the lessons learned from working with clients who have had similar issues resolved.  Strategy planning is key to ensuring that our IT projects go off without a hitch and come in on or under budget.  Remember, failing to plan, is akin to planning to fail.  BDS can help.

Click the link here, IT Strategy Planning, for more information.


BDS conducts in-depth IT employee reviewsIT Employee Review.  You’ve made a big investment in your IT staff, so now you want to make sure that they are fulfilling their obligation to your organization..  Do you rely on your IT staff or HR to review their performance?  Maybe it’s time to have a new approach to spur productivity and innovation.  BDS has the expertise to review your IT staff’s performance and provide you with detailed reports on their progress and growth, as well as how efficient they are with their time and tasks assigned.  Don’t fret over whether or not you are getting the most from your people, with BDS as your partner, we can ensure that you have an honest, no politics assessment of your staff.

Click the link here, IT Employee Review, for more information.


IT Business Process Management Services from Chicago IT Consulting Company - Black Diamond SolutionsIT Business Process Management.  Frequently businesses will invest in a technology because it appears to fit the vision of the company leadership, yet is failing to meet expectations. On many occasions, BDS has successfully turned this situation into a winning scenario by examining the business needs that drove the technology selection.  BDS can assist your organization in evaluating business processes which will create an environment that allows the technology to meet expectations. This can be done by modifying existing processes, creating new processes, or implementing a new technology to bridge the gap that prevents the existing systems from functioning according to the IT vision.

Click the link here, IT Business Process Management, for more information.


Marketing Services from Chicago IT Company Black Diamond SolutionsMarketing Services.   So now you have your IT infrastructure and processes in place and you are humming along, but what about getting the word out to your customers and potential customers?  Do you need marketing assistance getting visibility in search engines, or possibly targeting your market with paid ads, or even need advice on direct marketing to new or existing customers?  Marketing a business successfully can be a very complex mix of multiple different channels and techniques.  BDS has expert marketing consultants available to help you get the word out in today’s complicated media landscape.  From building a new website to content marketing to social media, BDS has the expertise to help you take your business to the next level with innovative and trend setting approaches.  Your competition will never know what hit them.

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Chicago based IT consulting company Black Diamond Solutions is your best choice to plan, research, manage and implement your next IT project.  Contact us today by calling 312-273-1830 to set up a Free Initial Consultation.  Or Contact us here and we’ll get right back to you.