Information Technology Planning

Information technology planning services from Chicago IT consulting company Black Diamond SolutionsInformation Technology Planning is a necessary evil, lest you want to spend more, get less and create long lasting issues within your IT infrastructure and processes.  For BDS we believe that IT strategy and vision cannot be implemented unless the necessary planning is undertaken.  Our team of certified engineers and technicians have hundreds of outsourced IT projects under management and know what to look for to decrease the risk of long term failure points within your existing and future IT growth goals.  We love a challenge.

Strategic IT Planning can return up to 700% of its investment costs according to Architecture & Governance Magazine.  While many companies overspend on IT solutions due to lack of proper planning, BDS clients enjoy continued growth and reduced headaches when it comes to their outsourced IT projects.

Proper Information Technology Planning Has Benefits

From our perspective of having managed hundreds of outsourced IT projects, we see the following benefits to having a strict adherence to the Planning process.

  • Reduced Costs.  This revolves around ensuring that strategic initiatives for business continuity are planned for with insight into existing infrastructure and applications.  By removing roadblocks caused by legacy processes and architecture, costs are reduced and efficiency increased.
  • Better Vision.  When Information Technology Planning is adhered to, the vision of what an enterprise is capable of becomes clearer.  We prepare an IT Roadmap for our clients so they always know where they are headed and what they need to plan for to achieve the growth they are tasked with.
  • Data Consolidation.  Planning can also assist in breaking down barriers to information flowing freely.  BDS looks at planning with an eye toward how data can be used to make your enterprise more lean and efficient by unlocking the power of your data while at the same time keeping security paramount.
  • More Insightful Analytics and Reporting.  Planning takes vision.  Without the proper dashboards and analytical tools, even the best planning can be flawed at its base.  To fully feel the benefits of adhering to a culture of strategic planning you need to measure its impact.  BDS planning provides you greater insight into your data so you can fully grasp the entire spectrum of capabilities your business can grow to.

BDS Information Technology Planning

When you engage BDS for your next IT services project that includes long and short range planning, you will receive a complete IT Strategic Plan and scheduling of your next set of projects including:

    • Budget Analysis
    • IT Personnel Assessments
    • Staff knowledge base evaluation with recommendations for additional training and certifications
    • Application Review
    • Infrastructure/Hardware Review
    • Business Process Management Recommendations
    • Timeline for Project Completion


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