IT Briefing Sessions 

IT Briefing session help keep IT staff informed on latest trends, developments and techniques.

Our IT briefing sessions are a valuable asset for employee development. Whether you’ve had a recent implementation or you want to engage your IT

staff in learning more about emerging technologies, Chicago based Black Diamond Solutions has the experts available to explain new business technology to your IT employees.

Get Honest Insights on Emerging Technologies from our IT Briefing Sessions

BDS constantly investigates emerging technology trends and their accompanying benefits, as well as risks. We share our discoveries with our clients through webinars, informal lunch whiteboarding sessions, tailored consultations and ongoing employee training programs.

Our objective is to deliver concrete knowledge of new IT trends that can be applied immediately. Our highly skilled team consists of trusted and certified experts who are using advanced technology every day. We encourage you to browse our IT solutions and IT services, and request additional information about any of our solutions/services.

Our informal whiteboarding sessions, usually held over lunchtime, is a casual environment where staff can learn about and investigate emerging IT trends and technologies that can spark new ideas and solutions.  We’ll even supply the lunch!

IT Briefing Topics

BDS’ expert staff holds advanced degrees in nearly every major regarding IT Infrastructure, Application Development/Management and Information Services.  Just a few of the topics an IT Briefing can cover include:

The Future of Business Technology

The technology landscape is rapidly evolving and the future of business will be built upon advances in technology that will emerge over the next few years. Innovative devices, faster processors, increased bandwidth, optimized infrastructures and unlimited data storage (Big Data) will reduce costs and improve efficiency significantly.

Today’s businesses have an astonishing number of advanced technology choices to achieve their goals. Your IT staff has a multitude of options to choose from, but only limited time and resources to be considered experts in any one solution.

Our IT briefing session delivers sensible advice and guidance for your employees in a relaxed and informal learning atmosphere.  When all of your IT employees have adequate and redundant training, it reduces errors and significantly improves productivity. Additionally, our IT briefing sessions often set the foundation for our clients’s IT staff development in targeted areas of interest.

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A BDS consultant with IT staff at an IT Briefing lunch meeting.Is your IT staff getting regular updates on the latest technology trends that affect your business?  Let BDS help you with our informational “Whiteboard Lunches” where your staff can get the knowledge they need in a condensed time format.  The small group atmosphere makes IT staff training more personalized which leads to higher engagement and retention.  BDS has trained certified experts who can get your IT staff up to speed fast and in a way that does not interrupt their already busy schedule.  Book an IT briefing session today and see how having an informed IT staff leads to improved efficiency and cost reductions.

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