Improve Your IT Business Process Management

IT Business Process Management Services from Chicago IT Consulting Company - Black Diamond SolutionsImprove Business Process Management and you improve your bottom line.  BDS knows all too well how enterprises can allow legacy processes to dictate their vision of the future.  Our clients turn to us to examine, evaluate and recommend solutions to their business process management queries.

Vision drives the process, and the process drives the technology selected to effect the desired outcome.  Chicago based, Black Diamond Solutions employs a team of senior level consultants who leverage their years of C-suite level experience with business process management systems to create a solution tailored to your needs.  Your business challenges are unique.  Our business process management team  constructs and/or optimizes processes with your input every step of the way.  Ensuring that your business process solutions exceed your expectations from all angles.

Technology Meeting Your Business’ Expectations

Frequently businesses will invest in a technology because it appears to fit the vision of the company leadership.  Unfortunately, those choices may be failing to meet expectations. BDS has successfully turned this situation into a winning scenario by examining the business needs that drove the technology selection in the first place.

We examine all facets of the process, from process mapping to measurement analytics, our goal is to create the foundation for your enterprises growth.  Processes drive almost every function in a business.  Poorly thought our process construction and implementation can actually drive inefficiencies and lead to larger issues that can negatively affect the entire organization.  Without extreme detail to day to day operational processes as well as IT processes, security, cost containment, and even employee morale can be challenged as well as the efficacy of the entire organization.

The BDS Business Process Management Approach

After discussing the project with all the stakeholders, BDS will prepare a Process Management Recommendations document.  This will outline the need to:

  • Modify existing business processes
  • Create new processes to meet expanding needs
  • Implement a new technology that allows for scalability and growth

In most cases, BDS’s team look to bridge the gap that prevents the existing business process systems from functioning according to the organization’s  IT vision.

Once the scope is determined and the vision agreed upon, BDS will evaluate the proper business process management tools, systems and applications that meet your unique requirements.  Armed with these, BDS will implement the correct solution that fits with your business needs.  Once implemented, BDS continues to monitor and provide guidance on ongoing improvements.

Business Process Management Case Study

One of our recent clients experienced terrific geographical growth.  Opening several new satellite offices within the previous 12 months has put pressure on their existing process for collaboration.  When they were only a one location operation, this was IT Business Proecess Management solutions from Black Diamond Consulting Chicagosimple, now collaboration has been reduced and management is concerned that this will move them away from one of their core strengths that built their success.

BDS consultants created an entirely new process built from technologies that fit the process need.  Now, every employee can collaborate in real time with other locations as if they were in the same room.  Productivity and morale has improved.  Employees are now making suggestions that are furthering the capabilities.  Management is satisfied that the culture of communication that they built their business on is not only surviving, but driving new innovations that lead to growth.

Free Business Process Management Consultation

Our goal is to give your business a stable foundation of streamlined and scalable business process solutions that allow you to grow your business well beyond the constraints of old and outdated business process management systems.

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