IT Employee Review for Business Management and HR

An annual  IT employee review is necessary to ensure that your information technology staff are keeping up to date with current certifications, knowledge BDS conducts in-depth IT employee review servicesand trends.  Black Diamond Solutions, a Chicago based IT consulting company, participates in hundreds of technology staff reviews every year, providing clients a clear view of their IT knowledge assets.

Why an IT Employee Review is Needed?

Information technology employee evaluations are necessary to a business’s growth.  If IT employees are lax in keeping their learning current, the business may lag behind competitors in gaining new technology based market share.

An annual IT employee review is critical in being able to plan for future growth and opportunities.  Without the proper staff in place who have training in emerging technologies, a business may lose opportunities to be a market leader or fall behind their competition that has implemented IT based solutions faster and more creatively.  BDS specializes in employee knowledge audits, as well as assisting client’s IT employees in getting the technical training and certifications that will allow a business’ tech based ambitions to become reality.

Here’s What BDS Uncovers in an IT Employee Review

During the candidate’s technical interview, BDS will uncover the following:

  • What present technical strengths does the IT employee posses (baseline)
  • What certifications are current, and which need to be refreshed
  • How proficient the employee is at specific technologies and tasks
  • What areas does the employee need additional training on in light of the business’ technical direction for the future

By setting a benchmark on the technical capabilities of a client’s staff, BDS provides invaluable insights into what skills the enterprise will need in its IT employees to complete their information technology planning goals and objective

What Does BDS Do After an IT Employee Evaluation?

Once BDS has conducted a performance appraisal of a client’s staff, the real work begins.  This involves several possible tasks that include:

  • Recommendations for educational paths for specific employees based on the enterprise’s IT strategic planning and and future plans for the growth of the business
  • Setting up Certification training with various vendors for mastering specific skills and technologies
  • Verifying IT employee vendor certifications
  • Developing a customized IT scorecard for the employee to be updated on an annual review basis.
  • Provide 360 degree feedback to the employee regarding areas targeted for improvement

Screening New IT Hires, BDS Does That

BDS conducts IT Employee Reviews and New Hire Screening.Because BDS works with hundreds of IT consulting clients and interfaces with thousands of IT employees a year, we are uniquely suited to assess your IT staff’s capabilities.  A client who is expanding their IT department, needs to know that the new hires will be able to be on top of things from the get go.  BDS has even written job descriptions for IT positions, and then assisted client’s even further by posting them across pertinent IT job sites.

Black Diamond Solutions has also managed all aspects of the interviewing and selection process for clients.  From employment assessment and screening applicant’s resumes to reviewing industry knowledge, BDS has the technical experts that can discern the right candidates for the IT position being filled.  BDS technical experts know the right questions to ask to ensure that the candidate is a great fit for the needs of the client.

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