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IT Infrastructure Assessment Services from Black Diamond IT Consulting ChicagoCompleting an IT Infrastructure Assessment is necessary for business’ to continually optimize their operations.  Black Diamond Solutions, located in Chicago, provides IT consulting services for small to mid-sized businesses.  For clients who want to save money and increase data center management efficiency, BDS can provide them with a comprehensive IT infrastructure assessment and checklist which aids in discovering where improvements can be made to scalability and effectiveness.

BDS, in its role as an IT infrastructure consulting company has been responsible for building out and upgrading hundreds of information technology infrastructure projects for its clients in Chicago and nationwide.  Our IT consulting staff is specially trained for data center solutions and has answered thousands of troubleshooting requests with positive outcomes.

BDS IT Consulting has experience with infrastructure optimization projects that meet the standards of PCI, SOX, and HIPAA.  Leveraging this experience BDS can assess your current data center network infrastructure and identify areas of your system that will require attention.  Once your infrastructure assessment is completed, BDS technicians create a prioritized list of upgrades, replacement recommendations, or additions to your current infrastructure optimization goals.



When Is An IT Infrastructure Assessment Necessary?

An IT infrastructure assessment is necessary whenever you make a significant change in your business.  Some examples of when an IT infrastructure assessment is needed include:

While this only scratches the surface of situations that demand a comprehensive review of your data center infrastructure, the main takeaway is that if your business is growing you probably need to reassess your information technology solutions.

An IT infrastructure assessment can point your business in the right direction so you don’t have “surprises” that hinder your ability to expand your operations.  Knowing where your potential growth roadblocks are can set you on a course for increased efficiency and better utilization of your IT resources.  Delaying an IT infrastructure assessment will only cause long term issues that will most certainly reduce your capacity to expand your business.

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