IT Consulting Partners

Black Diamond works with a number of IT solutions partners in assisting clients to find the best solutions for their needs.Black Diamond Solutions, a Chicago based IT consulting company, partners with the leading technology solution providers to assist clients with solutions for their IT needs.

At Black Diamond, we are continually striving to uncover the best IT solutions providers to work with.  Our engineers and technicians hold hundreds of certifications from our plethora of solutions vendors.  Simply put, they know how to make a vendor’s solution work best with our client’s unique needs.

Unlike other IT consulting firms here in Chicago or nationwide, BDS is not swayed by the often lucrative practice of mashing a vendor into a client’s solution.  This happens oftentimes because the consulting company makes more money from that vendor, or they don’t have the knowledge of other more suitable IT solution partners’ offerings.  In either case, the client loses.

BDS Vets Every Partner

At Black Diamond Solutions we choose our tools and our partners carefully.  Team members receive vendor certified trained on all solutions we recommend to clients. BDS has a strict vendor vetting process.  This allows us to objectively recommend several suitable IT solutions partners that can supply options for our client’s needs.

While Black Diamond has the ability to work with hundreds of technology vendors, the list found below are partners that we hold top certifications with and have staff with experience.  Our list continues to grow every year as new technology emerges.  At BDS, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the IT curve, not riding in its wake.

Best In Class Partners Make For Best In Class Project Outcomes

Below you will find a growing list of vendors that our technicians and engineers are certified by and have experience in implementing.  In some cases we have also attained exclusive certification status with partners which gives BDS’ staff access to even more resources that ultimately:

  • lower project cost
  • speed implementation
  • increase long term success rates for clients

If there is a technology you are interested in that you do not see here, please contact us and let us know.

Data Security Partners

BDS works with best in class data security partner to solve client's security issues.Data Security permeates every fiber of an enterprises IT strategy.  In an ever increasingly hostile world, having security is not a luxury but necessitated if you are to continue to do business.  BDS partners with the data security vendors below to bring clients solutions for their most precious assets.

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Data Security




Network Solutions Partners

BDS works with several best in class network solutions partners to solve client's network issues.Whether you work with a legacy network or in a virtualized environment, network IT solutions are always in demand.  BDS has partnered with an elite corps of companies that lead the way in solving your network issues.  BDS has selected market leaders as well as new solutions providers to satisfy all possible network project issues.

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Network Solutions - Black Diamond Solutions




Storage and Backup Partners

BDS works with world class storage and backup partners to solve client issues.When it comes to data, you can never be too redundant.  Well maybe you can, but for most clients ensuring that their data is always available is the solution that lets them sleep better at night knowing that catastrophic data loss is not an option.  BDS has tapped an impressive array of storage and backup solutions providers that make keeping your data always at the ready a no-brainer.

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Backup and Storage Partners - Black Diamond Solutions




Don’t see the technology you are interested in?  Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.