Black Diamond Solutions Data Security Partners

BDS partners with top tier network security partners to solve client issues.Data Security permeates every fiber of an enterprises IT strategy.  In an increasingly hostile internet environment, having security is not a luxury but a necessity if you are to continue to do business uninterrupted.  BDS’ data security partners are vetted through a multi-step process.  This ensures that vendors are properly matched to specific solutions and client projects.  BDS engineers and technicians are certified with each data security partner and have many years of experience working with their products and solutions.


Application Security Testing.

Application security is paramount to ensuring that hackers and malware are not able to breach your data security efforts.  Through its partnerships, BDS assists clients in ensuring that all vulnerabilities are thoroughly tested and probed.  BDS technicians and engineers are trained and certified in all aspects of application security measures.

When approaching an application security project, or any data security project for that matter, BDS employees know that they have the resources and skills to assess the issues and then effect a solution that works for the client’s unique needs.   The vendor partnerships that BDS establishes revolve around best in class solutions that are cost effective and powerful.

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Data Security Solutions for Business

BDS has helped hundreds of clients secure their data assets.  Through a network of vetted data security partners, BDS can boil down complex security issues into a palette of solutions for clients’ unique needs.

By working closely with data security vendors, BDS provides creative and cost effective solutions to meet client needs now, and in the future.  BDS has developed a process for ensuring that all variables are accounted for when designing and implementing solutions.  There are no “favorites”, only the best fit for the clients’ requirements.  Drawing upon years of experience and deep integration with data security vendors, BDS can design and implement solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

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Next Generation Firewalls. 

Next generation firewalls provide a higher level of data security control without sacrificing speed and usability.  As firewalls have progressed and added capabilities, BDS has been at the leading edge of installing these solutions for clients.

A next generation firewall may be the solution to your application filtering, enforcement of network security policy guidelines and reducing exposure to network security risks.  BDS has the expertly trained and certified technicians and engineers that can implement a next generation firewall for your enterprise needs.

BDS is constantly testing new next generation firewall solutions from multiple vendors.  This commitment to staying abreast of the latest firewall technology gives BDS’ clients the advantage when it comes to deploying a more secure environment for their data.

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IT Security Intelligence.

BDS leverages Open source tools such as Splunk as well as IBM’s Q1 product line for log management and Data monitoring. BDS technicians and engineers are IBM certified QRadar experts. We offer both QRadar and Splunk implementation, configuration and optimization services.

BDS clients can count on IT security intelligence solutions that keep them abreast of the latest threats.  Through BDS’ vendor partners, clients know where they are vulnerable and what threats are attempting to infiltrate their system.

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Data Protection Services. 

Data protection is a hot topic these days.  With HIPPA and PCI compliance being paramount to businesses and organizations being able to conduct business, protecting your data has never been more important.

BDS can design a data protection plan that includes disaster recovery, data security measures and front-line defenses such as next generation firewalls that keep data secure, but accessible and usable.

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