Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing is essential for a secure network.Application security testing is necessary to uncover the hidden risks, data leaks and vulnerabilities in your network.

A schedule of regular application security testing and benchmarking allows network engineers to be able to have much higher degrees of confidence in the network’s performance.

The unfortunate reality is that many IT consulting companies have the expertise and skills to be able to successfully implement and manage an application security testing regimen.  Many talk a god game, but few have the relationships with application security vendors like BDS does.

All engineers and technicians that work with clients are certified by vendor partners, and extensive training is required before any BDS personnel is allowed to review and make recommendations based on scan results.  This gives BDS’ clients a decided advantage that their competition doesn’t have.

Get a FREE Application Security Testing Scan from Veracode to uncover  vulnerabilities and threats.


Get a FREE Application Security Scan


Black Diamond will help you pinpoint and address issues once you have scanned your applications for vulnerabilities.  Learn more about our partner Veracode below.

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