Q1 Labs – Security Intelligence Partner

Q1 Labs - Total IT security intelligence solutionsQ1 Labs, an IBM company, provides advanced analytics to detect and flag suspicious or atypical actions occurring in your network.  Black Diamond Solutions has partnered with Q1 Labs to enable its clients to apply analytics and automation to massive amounts of data, events and network flows.

As IT network threats become more and more prevalent, IT professionals need to be able to quickly and accurately identify what actions should command their attention, and which should not.  To combat the increasing number of high-profile network data security attacks, compounded with growing mobile vulnerabilities and more sophisticated threats, enterprise’s need to be equipped to quickly identify dangers, detect insider fraud, predict business risk and address regulatory mandates.

Q1 Labs’ advanced analytics and correlation capabilities can help detect and flag actions that deviate from prescribed policies and typical behavior with a view across an organization’s network, applications, user activity, mobile endpoints, and physical security devices — including both cloud-based and on-premise sources.

Q1 Labs QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

QRadar from Q1 Labs gives BDS clients critical visibility into what is happening with their networks, data centers, and applications to better protect IT assets and meet regulatory requirements.  The QRadar Platform institutes real-time correlation and anomaly detection across a distributed and scalable repository of security information. An enterprises’ ability to analyze big data in real-time enables their IT professionals to have a more accurate security monitoring policy and a much better view of threat activity.  BDS has applied QRadar from Q1 Labs in installations for both small business customers to enterprise level clients.

QRadar packages are flexible, cost effective and provide a unified architecture for for integrating security information and event management (SIEM), log management, anomaly detection, and configuration and vulnerability management.

Q1 Labs’ QRadar Security Intelligence Platform products deliver:

  • A single architecture for analyzing log, flow, vulnerability, user and asset data.
  • Near real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection to identify high-risk threats.
  • High-priority incident detection among billions of data points.
  • Full visibility into network, application and user activity.
  • Automated regulatory compliance with collection, correlation and reporting capabilities.

Q1 Labs provides flexibility and pre-packaged capabilities in all of their security monitoring and threat detection offerings.  Black Diamond, partnered with IBM’s Q1 Labs, is ready to provide solutions to help your business achieve value faster and evolve your deployment for greater growth and reducing exposure to increasing threats.

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