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McAfee Security Solutions For Business PartnerMcAfee has set the standard in open framework security solutions for business.  Many organizations race to counter increasingly complex threats by deploying a patchwork of independent security systems.  With McAfee, IT professionals can seamlessly integrate a suite of security solutions with a single solution.

Now McAfee has introduced Security Connected.  This is the industry’s first open framework for integrating security technologies. The Security Connected framework from McAfee enables integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships for centralized, efficient, and effective risk mitigation. McAfee’s SecurityConnected delivers unsurpassed real-time visibility and analytics, as well as a unique predictive capability that is enabled by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence.

McAfee Security Connected allows you to balance the desire to embrace Web 2.0, virtualization, cloud computing, as well as personal and mobile devices while protecting your ]business’ critical assets and sensitive data.

McAfee Offers a Postini and Google Apps Alternative for Email

McAfee offers Postini customers an email alternativeLooking for a secure alternative to Postini and Google Apps? In the next few months, all Postini customers must either migrate to Google Apps, which includes a paralyzed version of Postini, or terminate their contract upon expiration and move to another vendor.

Since the Google Apps email filter will not maintain many of the valuable features that IT departments have come to depend on, it’s no surprise that McAfee has welcomed scores of Postini customers to its award winning McAfee SaaS Email Protection service since the announcement.

Download the Post-Postini Guide to Email Security

McAfee Email protection,postini transitionBDS has been involved in migrating Postini clients to the McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity Suite since the announcement.  So much so that BDS hasFill out Form at Right to Download Your McAfee EMail Solutions Whitepaper written and published an email migration guide for Postini clients.  The eBook: Transitioning to McAfee SaaS Email Protection from Postini is designed to help IT professionals compare the advantages McAfee has over the outgoing Postini/Google Apps solution.  In addition, the eBook also outlines how to prepare, as well as configure your email migration for the change.

Please fill out the brief form on your right to receive your copy.

McAfee Protects eMail Access

Key email protection features of McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity include:

  • Perimeter IP filtering to block threats before they reach your network
  • Advanced spam and fraud protection
  • Layered virus and worm scanning to block 100 percent of all known viruses
  • Email attack protection
  • Filtering and policy enforcement for outbound messages and attachments
  • Complete messaging continuity
  • Group policies management
  • Message audit message tracking and disposition tool
  • Optional McAfee SaaS Email Encryption

Watch the video below to find out the latest strategies for keeping user email and web access secure with tools from McAfee.

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