IT Network Solutions Partners

IT Network Solutions from Chicago based Black Diamond SolutionsWhether you work with a legacy network or in a virtualized  server environment, innovative and cost saving IT network solutions are always in demand.

As one of Chicago’s leading IT consulting companies, Black Diamond Solutions has engineered hundreds of successful outsourced IT projects.  Information technology is constantly changing and upgrading.  Small and midsize companies can take advantage of today’s automation trends to increase profits and reshape their future.

Black Diamond excels in solving complex IT issues.  All BDS staff are IT veterans, certified with multiple vendors and in a multitude of technologies.  Most hold advanced degrees in Computer Science or similar.  BDS places a high value in learning and staying on the leading edge of the technology wave.

Black Diamond provides outsourced IT Network Solutions for Clients

BDS network solutions consultant working with client. Is your next IT project above the knowledge level of your staff?  Want to reduce your headaches and leave the details to a trusted partner?  BDS can engineer your next IT project to come in on time and on budget.  Black Diamond technicians, engineers and analysts work with you and your staff from scope requirements to post implementation monitoring.  We listen and analyze the best solution for your enterprise’s unique needs.  No matter the size and scope.

Most IT project solutions involve working with vendors who supply technology, software, applications and hardware custom programmed for your business IT goals.  For many in-house IT staff, keeping current with all of the most recent upgrades and updates just isn’t feasible given their present workload.  This is where BDS shines.  Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve gives your IT projects the edge.

BDS supplies IT Network Solutions in the following areas:

Virtualization and Cloud Services.

Moving to the cloud?  Or maybe you want to set up a virtual environment to take advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies available?  BDS can assist you with any size cloud project you have budgeted.  BDS’s expert engineers and technicians work with only the highest rated IT network solutions providers to assemble the best solution for your unique requirements.

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Network Management Solutions for Business.

So you want your enterprise’s IT functions to run more efficiently and at lower costs.  Who doesn’t.  BDS has shown hundreds of clients how tweaking their processes and applications can make a significant contribution to the bottom line, without sacrificing security or innovation.  While the BDS team designs an optimized structure, their partnerships provide the backbone for which to improve your entire network management.

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Hardware/Server Solutions for Business.

Even the cloud has hardware.  If you work with legacy servers and hardware, you know that upgrading is a necessary evil.  BDS works with only the best hardware and server suppliers to bring their clients the latest breakthrough products.  BDS has tight relationships that allow its clients to enjoy product benefits and perks that most IT departments end up paying for.  BDS can supply your enterprise with hardware/server solutions that meet your needs today and well into the future.

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BDS can supply your enterprise with IT Network Solutions that will make even your CFO happy.  Call us today at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here for your next outsourced IT consulting project.