Hardware and Server Solutions for Business

If you work in IT, then hardware and server solutions are necessary evils.  Until virtualization became popular, all IT departments relied on hardware to do the heavy lifting.  Even in today’s virtual cloud based environments, servers and hardware are still needed to tie all the pieces together.

Close Relationships with Hardware and Server Solutions Partners Pays Off For BDS Clients

Hardware and storage solutions from BDS partners.Black Diamond Solutions enjoys close, long standing relationships with hardware and server solutions providers.  This gives BDS’ clients a decided advantage when it comes to service and pricing.  Our vendor reps know the BDS pros.  They also know when dealing with BDS they’ll have a lot less wasted effort and only a minimum of returned hardware and servers.  This means BDS clients pay less for the same hardware and server solutions that other IT consulting companies can negotiate.

BDS’ commitment to working closely with vendors also pays dividends when it comes to product knowledge.  BDS engineers and technicians are trained and certified for all partner products and services.  Product knowledge has saved BDS clients’ bottom line as well.  Ordering the right hardware and server solutions contains cost and reduces budget overruns which can be common on large scale enterprise IT projects.

BDS Works With The Most Trusted Hardware and Server Solutions Providers In the Industry

BDS has long been aware that reliability and compatibility are the hallmarks of exemplary IT infrastructure design.  This is why BDS has chosen to work only with well established market leaders to provide hardware and server solutions for their clients.  Having the right partner can simplify projects as well as reduce headaches and costs often associated with adding or upgrading new hardware and/or servers.  With the combination of BDS’ years of experience and their trusted partners resources, BDS clients enjoy a greater level of efficiency and productivity.

Below is a short list of the hardware and server solutions providers that BDS has partnered with.

HP Hardware and Server Solutions for Business PartnerHewlett-Packard – Providing networked IT products, technologies, software, solutions and services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as global enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.  More…


IBM Hardware and Server Solutions for Business PartnerIBM – Without a doubt one of the most recognized names in hardware and server solutions, IBM stands for quality, reliability and innovation.  Flexible technology from IBM lowers an enterprises’ risk and reduces costs via data center consolidation.   IBM’s more efficient infrastructure gives you the power you scale and expand effortlessly to grow your business.  More…


BDS is a Dell Hardware and Server Solutions PartnerDell – As one of the most trusted brands in hardware and server solutions, Dell is a long time BDS partner.  From blade servers, racks and towers, to storage innovations, Dell leads the way in new technology that gives BDS clients the needed infrastructure to grow and expand.  More…


Looking for a partner to help you with your hardware and server solutions?  Call Black Diamond Solutions at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here through the website.