Microsoft – Virtualization and Cloud Services Partner

Microsoft Virtualization and Cloud Services Solutions PartnerMicrosoft is likely the best known name in computing.  With good reason.  The Seattle based IT giant has pioneered many of the standards most IT professionals take for granted.  Microsoft has been and remains one of the leading developers of server virtualization technology and cloud based services in the market today.  Black Diamond is a proud Microsoft certified partner and continues to implement their solutions on a daily basis for clients both large and small.

Microsoft Virtualization

Searching for a comprehensive platform to run your private cloud computing network?  Want to cut costs and improve efficiency?  BDS clients turn to us to supply virtualization solutions that fit their unique requirements as well as their budgets.  As a Microsoft partner, BDS engineers and technicians can design virtualization solutions based on Windows Server with Hyper-V and System Center that can get you moved to the cloud in less time than you ever imagined.

Virtualization technology has empowered a new generation of datacenters by all but eliminating dedicated on location physical servers.  Microsoft’s proven virtualization solutions reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.  Built using industry standards, Microsoft virtualization solutions simplify your IT infrastructure while increasing reliability and data security.

Scalable and efficient, Microsoft’s virtualization and management solutions can help you better manage your move to the cloud.  Move your most rigorous applications and workloads to a virtualized environment and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the cloud.  Reduce your hardware costs and improve flexibility  all while achieving greater scalability and performance.  With BDS as your partner, you’ll get rock solid solutions from our experienced Microsoft certified virtualization solutions staff.

Microsoft Cloud Computing Services

BDS is a proud Microsoft partner for cloud services and virtualization solutions.As part of BDS’ commitment to constantly improving our clients IT projects, we have partnered again with Microsoft to improve your business’ ability to seize opportunity for growth.  Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift in the way IT infrastructure has been thought of since the late 1950’s when computer technology was burgeoning.  Until the last decade when virtualization and cloud based computing was widely introduced to business applications, computing was grounded in on-premise hardware.

Today, the cloud represents a redefinition of the role IT plays in shaping a business’ future.  Virtual infrastructure can open new avenues for revenue and growth.  Virtualization is not limited to only enterprise level applications.  Small and mid-sized businesses can take advantage of the scalability and cost efficiencies that cloud computing affords.  Black Diamond has helped hundreds of clients to realize how cloud computing can help their business grow and thrive in today’s cutthroat ultra competitive environment.

Microsoft’s Cloud OS is the only virtualized platform with a common set of technologies for developing and managing apps for all environments.  It does all this while leveraging the same skills, knowledge, and experience neede3d for traditional data center operations. Microsoft uniquely delivers the Cloud OS as a consistent platform across all types of datacenters and clouds—private, public, or service provider.

Microsoft Private Cloud

With a Microsoft private cloud, you can transform your on-premises datacenter to enable the core capabilities of cloud computing and open the door to public cloud computing on your terms.

Microsoft Public Cloud

The Microsoft public cloud offering, Windows Azure, enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. With Windows Azure, you can extend and even move your datacenter services off-premises or beyond a hosted environment, paying only for the resources you use at any given time.

Let BDS Design a Microsoft Virtualization Solution for Your Business

Don’t let your business fall behind.  No matter what size company you are responsible for, virtualization and cloud computing services hold advantages that are just too valuable for any business to ignore.  Let our experienced engineers, analysts and technicians design a solution that lets your business free itself of hardware and infrastructure costs and open up a new path to growth.

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