Virtualization Cloud Services Partners

BDS offers Virtualization Cloud Services for virtual migrations projects from award winning partners.Virtualization Cloud Services represent one of the latest trends in IT computing.  Many companies have weighed the benefits of staying with their existing legacy in-house infrastructure with the potential cost savings and efficiency gains that moving to a virtual environment can offer.

Black Diamond Solutions has engineered hundreds of cloud computing services migration projects for its clients.  It is an area that has received a lot of attention from CIO’s and CTO’s over the last two years.  And with good reason.  Virtual environment offer a number of advantages over legacy location based environments.

Benefits include:

  • Decreased Hardware Costs
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Improved Business Agility
  • Enhanced Security
  • Superior Use of IT Resources

BDS Leads the Way in Virtualization Cloud Services

As an IT professional, you may be aware of some of the changes that a virtual, cloud based solution can offer.  But you may also be at a loss as to which solution is right for our existing operation.  There are many different solution providers as well as multiple choices for vendors that can supply the hardware, software and applications necessary for a successful migration to the cloud.

BDS technicians and engineers are experts at cloud migration.  With hundreds of cloud migration projects completed, BDS has superior knowledge of how a successful migration project is engineered and implemented.  All BDS engineers and technicians are trained and certified with BDS’ virtualization & cloud services partners.

By staying ahead of the curve, BDS can make your next virtual migration project go smoothly from the initial scope to the minute details that require specialized knowledge to achieve success.

BDS Virtualization and Cloud Services Partners

There are many choices in the ultra competitive cloud migration services arena.  BDS has surveyed the field and chosen to work with only the best in class solutions providers for their clients.  Below is a short list of the best in class solutions providers that BDS has partnered with to ensure that virtual migration projects are completed on time, within budget and with a minimum of headaches.


Microsoft Virtualization and Cloud Services Solutions PartnerMicrosoft – The global leader in trusted solutions for your network IT computing issues.  From virtualization to security, Microsoft’s solutions are the standard by which other solutions are judged.  More…

VMware virtualization and cloud services Partners SolutionsVMWare – The industry’s leading network virtualization platform features a dynamic and flexible datacenter solution with proven server and datacenter virtualization built on their award winning vSphere technology.

BDS is one of only a handful of IT consultants that has achieved VMWare’s Enterprise Solution Provider StatusMore…

SingleHop is a BDS virtualization and cloud services partnerSingleHop – A leading global provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing solutions.  SingleHop pioneered the global IaaS movement by enabling SMBs and service providers to design, deploy and manage a wide range of IT solutions.  More…

If you are seeking an outsourced IT consulting Solution Company to assist you in your next IT Virtualization and Cloud Computing Services project, call Black Diamond Solutions at 312-273-1830 or Contact Us here through the website.