Server Backup Storage Solutions Partners

BDS Server Storage Backup Solutions PartnersServer Backup Storage Solutions are not only plentiful, but also confusing.  As the race to the cloud becomes more competitive for storage device and technology vendors, IT professionals find themselves more confused as ever as to what server backup storage solution they should choose for their application.

This confusion isn’t necessary.  Black Diamond Solutions has vetted several vendor relationships with server backup storage solutions providers for everything from hardware and firmware, to management and security answers.  All vendors undergo a documented screening process by BDS’ experienced IT project management leaders.  Their extensive knowledge of project stumbling blocks and compatibility issues weeds out the “might be’s” from the “spot on’s”.

Any average IT consulting company can attempt to implement server backup storage initiatives.  In many cases, the process is straightforward until unforeseen and  un-thought-of bumps in the road present themselves.  Then, everyone on the team scrambles to right the ship.

With BDS as your IT consulting partner, you won’t need to scramble.  Thorough and intensive pre-planning eliminates unnecessary setbacks.  BDS engineers and technicians undergo training and certification for all of BDS’ vetted partners.   This extensive training coupled with years of experience in managing outsourced IT projects is BDS’ clients advantage.

Black Diamond’s Backup Storage Solutions Partners

Backing up databases, whether it be virtual, tape based or other hardware based solutions is an essential function of IT professionals.  BDS works with their trusted vendor partners to integrate their solutions to your businesses unique requirements.  Storage capacity, accessibility and security are all issues that are taken into consideration when designing the right server backup storage solution for your particular needs.

Below is a short list of the vendors BDS has vetted to work with.

EMC Server Backup Storage Solutions PartnerEMC2 – Providing sophisticated automation, provisioning, and virtualization technologies for cloud-computing customers who want secure solutions.  More...


NetApp Server Backup Storage Solutions PartnerNetApp – NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that help clients accelerate business breakthroughs and achieve outstanding cost efficiency.  More…


Pogo Server Backup Storage Solutions PartnerPogo – Low cost high availability data storage and backup strategies implemented through Pogo’s advanced suite of appliances, virtualization solutions and software.  More…


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