Pogo – Server Backup and Virtual data storage solutions partner

Pogo Server Backup Storage Solutions PartnerPogo Storage is the division of Pogo Linux that emerged out of the company’s many years of Open-Source network storage integration. From a video archive for a large digital collection to a highly-available SAN solution, Black Diamond has partnered with Pogo to help IT departments at organizations of all sizes dramatically reduce storage acquisition cost with a hybrid storage strategy and breakout technologies.

Key Benefits of Pogo Storage Solutions

  • ZFS Open Source Storage Platform
  • Nexenta Storage Virtualization
  • Deduplication & Compression
  • High-Availability
  • Unlimited Snapshots

Pogo Linux StorageDirector – Affordable Managed Storage


The Pogo Linux StorageDirector NAS series is affordable, powerful, expandable, and versatile. It’s also simple to integrate into your storage network environment. These systems fit right in with digital content production and delivery, file sharing, database storage, and enterprise level backup & archiving of sensitive data.

Pogo Linux’s StorageDirector is an affordable and easy to use alternative to expansive fibre channel SANs.   With Pogo you won’t have to compromise on network features and performance. Pogo Linux’s enterprise level storage solutions feature:

NAS and iSCSI (both target and initiator) at the same time
• Remote replication of Mirroring (for failover with two StorageDirectors)
• Multiple & scheduled Snapshots, backup to tape devices, local or remote file storage systems
IP SEC support and other network enhancements designed to provide a high level of security not found in Windows environments

Pogo Linux Introduces NexentaStor’s™ Virtual MachineData Center (VMDC)

With NexentaStor’s™ Virtual MachineData Center (VMDC) software add-on, storage and system admins are able to view and manage their entire virtualized storage infrastructure over NFS or iSCSI network shares. With VDMC you’ll be able to streamline administrative tasks such as provisioning storage, setting up storage policies and creating/cloning VM’s.

VDMC Highlights

  • Reduce Complexity from managing multi-vendor virtual infrastructures
  • Eliminate Inefficiencies creating clones (CPU & network bandwidth spikes)
  • Higher Utilization of storage from deduplication and thin-provisioning
  • Centralized Management of Virtual Machine and storage administration

Watch the following video for a better understanding of the storage technologies in the StorageDirector ZFS NAS:

Terri McClure, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. focuses on storage challenges in virtual server environments, how NexentaStor aids in reducing complexities and showing why ZFS by is a better solution than block-based storage systems.

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