Virtual Data Storage Solutions Partners

Black Diamond Solutions Virtual Data Storage Solutions PartnersVirtual Data Storage refers to using the cloud to backup and restore your vital business data and application data.  Black Diamond Solutions engineers and technicians are well versed in providing the most up to date and cost effective virtual data storage solutions for your data backup and recovery needs.  BDS has worked with both small and medium sized business to enterprises with global reach and offices to design a custom solution that uses virtual environments to achieve their data storage goals.

Efficient information services delivery is everyone’s concern in a business IT environment.  While the economy may slow, the amount of data being generated, processed and stored seems to continue on an unending upward spiral.  This in turn places much higher need for IT professions to find and implement virtual data storage solutions for their business’ to grow.  A sound strategy for processing, moving and storing is a basic building block for any business to grow.

Virtual Data Storage Creates Additional Options for IT Administrators

Virtualization can, and often does, improve the performance of physical storage by caching data that is not in present use.  The key to this is reducing the amount of latency this can add to a system’s performance.  BDS engineers and technicians seek out the right virtual data storage solution from a myriad of vendor partners that will meet a client’s unique data demand requirements.  With solutions in place, administrators have expanded options for network based devices.

Additionally, in-band virtualization allows administrators to reduce their interaction with storage devices.  This has a number of benefits including robust caching, statistics on usage, simplified replication & data migration as well as thin provisioning.  Talk to a BDS specialist about your needs and find out how BDS has created virtual data storage solutions for other clients.

Below is a short list of virtual data storage solutions partners BDS works with.


DataGravity – DataGravity is revolutionizing storage and data management by combining primary storage, data protection, governance, search and discovery into an integrated appliance.

EMC is a trusted virtual data storage solutions partner for BDS.


EMC2 – Providing sophisticated automation, provisioning, and virtualization technologies for cloud-computing customers who want secure solutions.  More...

NetApp is a trusted virtual data storage solutions partner for BDS.


NetApp – NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that help clients accelerate business breakthroughs and achieve outstanding cost efficiency.  More…

Pogo is a trusted virtual data storage solutions provider for BDS.


Pogo – Low cost high availability data storage and backup strategies implemented through Pogo’s advanced suite of appliances, virtualization solutions and software.  More…


Nimble Storage is a trusted virtual data storage solutions partner for BDS.Nimble Storage – Nimble Storage arrays are a trusted tool for application, user data, server and desktop virtualization projects.  Configured on the CASL™ architecture, Nimble Storage solutions speed up applications, protect data, and empower IT personnel to pursue new projects and grow their business.  More…


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