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Why DataGravity Data Aware Storage? Because your data storage and backup/restore requirements are a top priority.

Until now, managing your data required integrating multiple technologies. Disjointed applications for data protection, data governance, search and discovery all operated independently from primary storage. Data-aware storage changes all this. For NAS file shares, virtual machines and iSCSI targets you get a unified approach that integrates these critical capabilities into the storage layer. DataGravity increases effective data usage, and lowers cost and complexity.

Black Diamond was one DataGravity’s first partners to recognize the tremendous gains that data aware storage afford.  This is why BDS has been partnered with DataGravity since they released their first storage product this year.

Watch a short overview of how DataGravity Data Aware Storage is radically different than most other storage solutions.

The DataGravity Discovery Series

“Expect More From your Storage”

DataGravity Data Aware Storage - Black Diamond Solutions

The DataGravity Discovery Series is a unified storage appliance ideal for file-rich, virtualized environments. It enables turnkey data management by combining a high-performance, highly-available, flash-optimized storage design with seamless data protection, enhanced data governance, and integrated search and discovery capabilities. DataGravity elevates storage from just a filing cabinet to a data-aware business asset.

DataGravity’s patented Discovery Series architecture is broken down into four pillars of excellence, including:

  • Storage and Data Management: Achieve unprecedented visibility, protection and control of NAS shares, virtual machines(VMware) and iSCSI targets while lowering storage and data management costs. The Discovery Series is powered by a state-of-the-art flash-optimized primary storage array, designed for high availability with no single point of failure. Provisioning new storage or creating clones of existing mount points is done using simple UI workflows. Dashboards allow you to see storage trends, as well as identify most active users, potential rogue storage users, and dormant data
  • Data Governance: Confronted with high profile data breaches, increasing regulations, and spiraling data growth, many organizations are looking for better ways to govern their data, reduce risks and adhere to internal policies. DataGravity natively supports critical governance, risk and compliance initiatives.
  • Data Protection and Recovery: After decades of investment and innovation, data backup and recovery consistently remains a Top 3 pain point for IT managers and administrators. DataGravity is redefining data protection and recovery as a core element of storage, proactively protecting data as it is created, without impacting production operations.
  • Search and Discovery: The sheer growth of unstructured data is preventing organizations from meaningfully benefiting from their data. DataGravity transforms storage into a searchable resource for stakeholders across the organization.

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