Nimble Storage – Virtual Data Storage Solutions Partner

BDS is a proud Nimble Storage partner for  virtual data storage solutions using Flash optimized hybrid storage arrays.Why Nimble Storage? Because your data storage and backup/restore requirements are an elusive moving target.  What you need is a way to scale to unknown capacity without a loss in performance.  Nimble Storage, an iSCSI SAN provider that employs Flash memory to increase performance and deliver scale-to-fit capabilities through their Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture is the answer.

Black Diamond was one of the first IT consulting partners to recognize the tremendous gains that flash-optimized hybrid storage arrays afford.  This is why BDS has been partnered with Nimble since they released their first storage product in 2010.

Watch a short overview of how Nimble Storage is radically different than most other storage solutions.

Nimble Storage Has the Features You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Nimble Storage Flash-Optimized Hybrid Storage Arrays are Engineered for Efficiency.Nimble Storage flash-optimized hybrid storage systems integrate exceptional performance, increased capacity, instant data restoration, data protection security and scalability by combining the extraordinary performance of flash with the traditional low cost of high-capacity hard disk drives.  This powerful hybrid consolidation provides adaptive performance and scalable capacity for storing and protecting critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, server virtualization, database, and virtual desktops (VDI).

Black Diamond Solutions customers also rave about the lack of expensive add-ons for storage solutions.  With Nimble, everything is included.  Need support for VMware, Oracle or Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint?  It’s included.  No more additional software costs as Nimble already includes its powerful management and integration software at no charge.  Need analytics and monitoring?  Already in there.  With Nimble Storage there are no hidden fees.

CASL Architecture from Nimble Storage Delivers Performance

Nimble’s patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture allows for gains in several key areas, including:

  • Dynamic Flash-Based Read Caching.  CASL caches “hot” active data into a flash-based SSD in real time instantly responding to request as much as 10X faster than disk based storage solutions.
  • Write Optimized Data Layout.  CASL collects or coalesces random writes to the flash-optimized hybrid storage array, compresses and writes them sequentially to disks. The results in write operations are as much as 100x faster than disk-based storage.
  • Inline Compression.  Because CASL takes advantage of variable block compression and multicore processors, data is compressed as it is written to the array with zero performance impact.  BDS clients experience average compression rates from 30 to 75 percent for a variety of workloads.
  • Efficient Replication.  By transferring only compressed, block-level changes, Nimble Storage efficiently replicates data.  This makes deploying disaster data recovery easy and affordable, particularly when bandwidth is limited.  If the primary array becomes unavailable, remote copies are instantly available.
  • Scale-to-Fit Flexibility.  Need to scale capacity and performance?  CASL architecture allows for non-disruptive and independent scaling through a variety of methods.  You can achieve this by either upgrading the storage controller (compute) for higher throughput, moving to larger flash SSD (cache) to accommodate more active data, or by adding storage shelves to boost capacity.
  • Snapshots and Integrated Data Protection.  CASL, by creating a copy of the volume’s indices, can take 1000’s of point-in-time instant snapshots of volumes.  With this unique method there are no impacts to performance.  Snapshots taken in this way also take up minimal incremental space since only changes are maintained.

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