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IT Whitepapers from Black Diamond Solutions help you understand the complex issues facing your organizations IT department.  Information technology is always evolving, and our IT whitepapers can help you sort out the latest issues and enhancements that affect your organizations IT challenges.

We produce whitepapers so our clients and potential clients can stay abreast of where the industry is heading and how you they can stay ahead of the curve and not caught up in its wake. Please take a moment to review the following IT whitepapers. We constantly update this page with fresh, relevant whitepapers so be sure to bookmark this page (CTRL +B) and check back often.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you have concerning our IT whitepapers.

VMware Virtualiazation Whitepaper Black Diamond SolutionsWhy Choose VMware for Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is a no-brainer in this technology age. Is VMware on your radar for your next server virtualization project? Download this IT whitepaper that explores the features and functionality of VMware components and compare them against comparable virtualization offerings from Microsoft and Citrix.  Click Here


Veracode state of software security application securityVeracode State of Software Security Report 2013

A hacker’s favorite way to access your sensitive information is often through holes in your application security procedures and processes. Data security and network security can be breached through applications you didn’t know existed on your network. Discover where your software security vulnerabilities are and how to fix holes with the Veracode State of Software Security Report. Download this IT Whitepaper on Software security now and discover where your applications may be a gateway to hackers.  Click Here


Mobile Security BYOD Bring Your Own DeviceMobile Security For the Rest Of Us

As more workplaces are embracing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model for mobile computing connectivity, it is increasingly important to ensure all devices on your network are secure.  Read this easy-to-read IT whitepaper as a guide for improving your mobile security. Review the 10 simple tasks you can perform to protect yourself and your organization from Today’s mobile computing security threats. Click Here


IT management whitepaper

IT Management Solutions for Cloud Services & IT Virtualization 

Vitualized environments are all the rage today.  But what implications does virtualization and cloud computing have for your organization. Even if you have adopted a cloud infrastructure, this IT whitepaper will help you stay on top of your evolving data center issues and latest virtualization developments.  Download the whitepaper and get “in the know” when it comes to evaluating IT management solutions for converging cloud, virtualization and security concerns that affect your enterprise. Click Here


We hope you enjoy our growing selection of IT whitepapers and find them useful. If you have a question about something you read or want to explore the topic further with one of out IT consultants, please feel free to shoot send us your questions by filling out our contact form or giving us a call today at 312-273-1830.